Grassalkovich / 2

Client: Széchenyi Zsigmond Kárpát-Medencei Magyar Vadászati Múzeum Beruházó Nonprofit Közhasznú Kft.
Architecture: Hungarian National Museum / Leading architects: Tamás Albert, Zoltán Wittinger
Partners: Virág Pongrácz-Albert, Edit Szabó, Anikó Varga

This comprehensive interior design project is to create a Museum for Hunting, collaboratively with the Hungarian National Museum and the National History Museum. The concept of the interior is like a mosaic: firstly it is built on the art history research of the castle, that provided several interior details, that could be used as ornaments or base. Secondly the concept adjusts to the architectural concept of the building renovation. And finally the interior design associates with the theme: Hunting. Defining the space concepts, we used baroque techniques, such as hide, optical illusion, and mirror effect, while in the surfaces of the interior design was based on hunting, like camouflage effects, imprints, or the experience in nature.