Open Ideas Competition
Design Team: Zsuzsanna Kiss-Gál, Gergely Kiss-Gál, Margó Petró

The project is a rehabilitation proposal for an old waterworks that is located on the northern part of Budapest, right next to the River Danube. Some of the buildings are under monument preservation. The buildings are located sparsely on the site. Our proposal was to create an innovation and technology park to redefine the function, but in the meaning of innovation and park as well. We used the site’s connection to the water to make it more accessible from the city, using even water taxies to reach the new center of technology. Our aim was to design not just a technology center where future is developed, but also to show this to the people and make them experience the innovation. Therefore we created an urban creative park, that connects all the technology centers, gives the process of creation and adventure and shows the preserved buildings.