International Open Ideas Competition
Design team: Zsuzsanna Kiss-Gál, Gergely Kiss-Gál

Paparazzi Project
New York City; gather up the ground towards the sky. Deeply attached, the silhouette of the town is rooted. All cities we live in are grounded, almost never looking up. Upwards to the celestial sphere that is always around us.
In former times we could read it, it spoke to us, showed our way, guiding, shepherding the wanderer. Observing that eternal space led to elucidate one’s position in time and space. It helped one’s search for position, wisdom, belief in one’s life.
Sukkah City; wandering the contemporary city, that is what we all do. Search for something to believe in, something to grip, something to lead our ways. Sukkah is one’s space to explore, to focus in the over constructed net of the city. And it is to be shared. The city’s structure serves as construction elements for the SUKKAH. The structure is made of prefabricated steel net. Space between the steel layers is filled with harvested organic materials, that are found in NYC parks. The roof is made of branches with leaves.