International Open Ideas Competition
Design team: Zsuzsanna Kiss-Gál, Gergely Kiss-Gál, Romain Alarcon, Péter Debreczeni

The duality of the city of Budapest implies naturally different ways of experiencing the city. Such as a nerve system that can either be motor, or sensitive. Here, one side will be more terrestrial, the other will use water channels for your meditation time. At the end of every nerve, each departure deck installed in the city is associated with a new green area. The position of the green zones is not randomized, they are connected to already existing functions, landmarks, etc. While leaving the medi(t)ation station, you enter a capsule, that is your meditation space. Travelling across peaceful and quiet canals you start to disconnect from your city. You are starting the ‘detached observation’ phase. When you reach the Danube, you are in a state that doesn’t allow you to see or sense the agitation that is surrounding you.