Client: Local Government of Dunaharaszti
Partners: László Benczúr Jr., Reticolo, Phq, Provill, Bo-Sec, Canton Plus, Lift-tec

This project is an extension of an elementary school in a small city near Budapest. On the site there are already 6 different types of buildings, all parts of the school. The extension consists of another 3 buildings, and one building that needs to be placed between two already existing buildings. Our proposal for this project was to create a clear system of circulation, that connects all the buildings. Also our concept was to define the added building parts to clarify what was already here. We created a separate concept for the new: we didn’t change the old buildings, and designed a paper-folded like structure as the new stucture. Thirdly our aim was to give an internal world for the children, so we placed the new building parts around a courtyard, defining a small public square to the children. We fragmented the new buildings as if they were small houses attached together to give a friendly and playful feeling and atmosphere. This project is now in building permission state.