Client: Local Government of Dunaharaszti
Partners: Tamás Albert, Reticolo, Phq, Újirány Group, Ecovill, Planet, Ganz hydro, Bo-Sec, Zoltán Hegedűs

This project is an experiment of a future-oriented design method in Preservation of Buildings. No afterimages remained about the original looks of the mansion and it is located in a city with very few cultural heritages in terms of its built environment. We made experiments with a re-construction program we call now the Recall of Atmosphere and Imagination. The concept is to create the future heritage. When no collective reminiscences left, the design process is the survival of the past to be the future heritage. The process resembles the method of drawing a characteristic portrait. An imagined background, an exclusive tale must reflect in that portrait.
Cultural Knowledge: Examination of the past life style in function and arrangement, in tradition of living and lifestyle.
Investigation: Collecting fragments of the murals as base for atmosphere, of the form as new functions, of the missing elements.
Free Associations: Present imagination for the future, freedom of imagination and present understanding of atmosphere.
What you can’t know, Imagine it! … your future heritage.

The re-imagined baroque mansion now has the atmosphere of the past, but has the function and spirit of the future. We believe that the future of Preservation and Conservation of buildings lies in the activity of imagination.