One Prize

International Open Ideas Competition – top 30 finalist
Design team: Zsuzsanna Kiss-Gál, Gergely Kiss-Gál, Péter Debreczeni, Mihály Mattyasovszky Zs., Margó Petró

the Drops
we established that the hubs we give aside the existing network will behave as the scale-free network of the future green transportation system • they envision the future and they continue to spread • the hub is the Drop • every drop counts • the waves the drop creates hit the pales that sign the docking points • the Drops will serve as green public squares and produce energy with the people’s activity • energy producing step-on plates • rocking public chair • balloons • kite • skipping • public play with energy ball • swings • seesaw • jungle gyms •
the Logs
the proposal for the Bronx River interactively acknowledges the importance, the function and the efforts of nature interpreted in a figurative sense • abstract activities are placed on the Bronx River from Soundview Park to the Zoo • we created a conceptually conglomerated system of logs placed on the river as an esplanade to awake the presence of the River • it is a low lane • abstract activity points have lyrical impact on the visitor • the Chapel • the Mirage • the Kaleidoscope • the Mist • the Balk • the Mirror •