Client: Local Government of Balatonkenese
Partners: Corex Pro, Ujirany Group

The city is basically an association of two lake-side towns (Balatonkenese and Balatonakarattya) with two different centers. Facing the Lake Balaton, both towns have lakeside levels and an upper level on top of the loess wall, where the main functions and most of its buildings are placed. Our proposal was to identify the differences between the two centers, and articulate them, and find the link between them. Kenese emphasizes its role as an administration and cultural center, while Akarattya focuses on its role as being the first town arriving to the Lake Balaton, and articulates itself as a gate and information point. The linkage is designed to be a thematic, alternative, mainly lake-side promenade, where six atmospheres (walk of games, personal pathway, vertical promenade, road of discovery, water and soil – open promenade, and cultural walk) provide the diversity.