Design and Construction: Zsuzsanna Kiss-Gál, Gergely Kiss-Gál, Margó Petró

This container design is more an appeal, an exclamation. The aim of the design is to make the visitor focus on his/her closest living environment. Your closest living environment is You. You have to be green!
All of us need to focus on our closest living environment, ourselves, and make even the smallest steps we can.
The design is a zoom-in process. You shall reach the point where you can be called green all the time. At the end of the journey you meet yourself as you reach yourself, your closest living environment. All the materials used in this project are recycled or can be recycled, they are all collected for this purpose. The structure is made from paper tubes, the graphic designs are made on already used canvases, and the mirrors are collected from friends and our own. The hand-made paintings, the used mirrors and the paper tubes make the container room-like. A small little home.
The project was built as a winning design in the Tokyo Designers Week in 2009.