International Open Ideas Competition – Honorable Mention
Design team: Zsuzsanna Kiss-Gál, Kiss-Gál Gergely, Péter Debreczeni, Margó Petró

The Artist’s Colony market proposal analyzes the characteristics of markets, how they behave in urban environment, how they adopt to any circumstances. The design generates development and evolution in zones and areas of the urban net. We created a raster, that is more like the base of the modular system, and distorted this raster, as the net of the city is distorted as well. We designed 5 “trunks”, or modules, they have different heights and areas, they create the mood of a re-scaled urban street silhouette. Each trunk can be rotated, revolved, mirrored, according to the raster. Our aim was to create a highly adaptable market system, that complies with any city, any structure.
To scale our design, we chose a site surrounded by firewalls of adjoining residential and industrial buildings in Hungary, the 7th district of Budapest. After the intervention, the Artist’s Colony leaves the site, and leaves behind its cast. This market gently imprints its qualities on the site and real permanent urban character remains.