Zsuzsanna Kiss-Gál
Gergely Kiss-Gál
Orsolya Budai
Margó Petró

Not now
Judit Gere
Peter Krompáczki
Anikó Varga
Péter Debreczeni
Mihály Mattyasovszky Zsolnay
Romain Alarcon
Fabien Leblanc
Dániel Tombor
Eszter Boros

atelierarchitects is a young professional Hungarian studio established in 2008 by Zsuzsanna Kiss-Gál and Gergely Kiss-Gál. the studio is open to everyone, has many partners, and works with several artists and collaborators depending on the projects. the aim of the studio is to encourage communication between architects and the people they build for, raise awareness of visual culture and its effects on everyday life. the work is based on experimentation, modeling and collaboration in every scale of design. we believe in the power of common creativity.

we know it’s just a website, but we loved doing it and its content. enjoy!